Friday, June 24, 2011


All right, I need to get back down to business.  Where was it I left off again? Oh yes, character sets. My last post about these dealt with the purpose and function of char sets but I don't think I actually explained what I was doing with them.

I have been working in the NexmlMatrixConverterTest() class.  Here I was creating a unit test testNexmlCharSets() that verifies if the title and coordinates of a treebase character set and nexml character set. It also checks to see if the study being tested even has any character sets associated with it. The unit test was modeled off of the other one in this class created by Rutger.  Feeling a little lost at first, he wrote out a unit test that was very well-commented so I could figure out what was going on. You can check out the most recent code in this class at:

After I wrote my portion, Rutger put some finishing touches on it and I am now trying to get the actual NexmlMatrixConverter() class working by applying the logic from the unit tests to the actual code. Once I can get it passing all of the checks of the test, I think I will be good to go and be able to commit.

Time to get back to work now though! Toodles!

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