Monday, August 1, 2011

bugs and trees and bugs in trees

It has been rather hectic these past few days. Yesterday, I moved back home to Dayton after four years of living in Chicago. Very sad :( And now I am getting ready for my adventures in Vietnam! Haven't really had time to give a full update on here as to what I have been doing because of the craziness.

Now that the Chicago chapter of my life has been closed, I have some time to blog about what has been going on with my project since my last post.

Thing #1: The Bug.  I have to be honest, I was a bit scared to use the debugger in Eclipse. I have stealthily managed to avoid using debuggers in my college days. I was only familiar with the ridiculously simple debugger found within BlueJ from my Intro to Object-Oriented Programming Days. Anyways, I sucked it up and thought it was about time to learn the power of the debugger. I watched a series of video tutorials and they helped immensely. Still working out all of my kinks with it, but I was able to run a series of unit tests for my bug and at least eliminate some issues that are not causing the problem.  I need to further inspect the nexml matrix contents to see what is coming up as null or something. More later...

Thing #2: jsPhlyoSVG.  I updated the most recent version of a javascript file to see if it would fix the problem with the viewer. I just committed it and it does not appear to do so.  Now I get to install a debugger within my Firefox browser and see what is going on within drawjsPhyloSVGTree(namespacedGUID,ntax)function. I will provide you with more insight on that later as well.

Happy August everyone. Rabbit rabbit rabbit!