Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Community Bonding Period--Take 1

So it has been a crazy past few weeks. Last minute schoolwork, finals, graduation, etc. leads me to say that I am happy to be FINITO! As this is the last week before the actual coding kickoff for Google Summer of Code, there are plenty of loose ends that I am tying up during what is known as the Community Bonding Period, which involves getting to know your mentor (mine is Rutger Vos (mainly) and Bill Piel--see left panel), setting up your code base, and figuring out what the heck you are exactly doing. So that is what I am doing now.

Main thing I'm doing now: trying to set up the coding framework. And I have to admit that it is fairly intimidating. There are so many pieces to fit together!!! And the how-to manual is rather thin (as in nearly non-existent). So this task alone has led me to Google and then Google some more and then Bing it every once in a while. I hope to put together some sort of coherent and very clear instruction page that maybe the next person trying to get involved will be able to follow. But more to come on that.

If you would like to read more about what exactly it is that I am doing, feel free to refer to: This also includes information on the other Google Summer of Code projects going on within NESCent.

My next post will involved a more detailed account of what I did to set up (or have set up so far) the code base, errors and ruts that I have run into, and how I have solved them.  I didn't want to bore anyone too much with that info. It's not exactly light reading.

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